EDheads \ed-heads\

– noun

1. a term of endearment for my fellow educators who are life long learners and change agents

I contacted some of my EDheads and asked, “What inspires you to do the work that you do?”

“I am inspired by the amalgam of children that we interact with on a daily basis.  Each school year we have an opportunity to make a difference and to potentially serve as a life-long advocate to the generations of individuals that succeed us.  I am inspired to be creative in the ways that we address children’s needs and to maximize the potentials of the adults (teachers, etc.) that directly serve students  to ensure that the whole child is being considered in the solutions that are generated in collaborative discussions.”

~ Kareem Bond, Middle School Assistant Principal, Maryland

“Eliminating obesity in children is what inspires me.  I want all children to be healthy mentally and physically.”

~ Corey Totress, PE/Health Teacher and Personal Trainer, Maryland

“The opportunity to take learning experiences, strategies, and resources gained globally and collaborate with schools, teachers, and students locally.”

~ Kevin Simpson, KDSL- Know Do Serve Learn, USA-Dubai-Thailand

“Kids are suffering everywhere in this world and policy makers do not understand their role in the healing process.  The incurable hurt that most young people feel is what inspires me.”

~ Tony Messina, Education Consultant, New York

“I continue to do educational work because that is what attracted me to teaching in the first place, i.e., to serve the needs of children and to provide those nurturing care, meaningful learning experiences, and education that will serve them throughout their lives.   This coming school year, I will once again be serving as a co-principal of an elementary (Grades 3 – 5) school. This will be my fifth interim assignment since retiring and in addition to consultant work in Sri Lanka, Dubai, and accrediting teams in the US, Saipan, Hawaii, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.”

~ Henry Morita, Co-Principal and Education Consultant, California

“I am totally inspired by my calling to educational leadership and by my upbringing as a poor child in the Memphis City Schools.  I wanted to become a schools superintendent at the age of 9, but didn’t have a clue what it took to become one. The image that I first saw of Dr. Willie W. Herenton, the first Black superintendent in Memphis, was in 1979 and is still embedded in my mind as what I need to do to help children with backgrounds just like mine.  I was the first person in my entire family to go college, and since my B.A. graduation, 3 of my little cousins have actually become teachers!  I’m inspired.”

~ Carol C. Shelton, Ed.D, Global Education Lead Collaborator

1 thought on “EDheads

  1. Ms. REEM!!! I love the idea of the Edhead! I AM ONE! A day in the life of an EDhead: You get your morning coffee at Starbucks and steal a couple of those wooden mixing sticks so your class can build a model home with them for math, and while you’re at it, you grab a few straws, you never know! As you’re walking to school, you notice a good article in the Washington Post that one of your students might enjoy. You see an ad on the side of a store that gives you an idea for a persuasive writing piece. Inside your coat pocket you feel the brochure from the museum you went to this weekend and reminding you to plan a field trip there with your students soon, the exhibit fits in so nicely with your current social studies topic. Finally, when you get to school and enter your classroom it feels like home and you can’t wait to see your students and to share with them the excitement of discovering, thinking, learning, and application.

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