To Strengthen Educator Relationships, Transparency is Key


Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”  ~ Bill Bradley

My organization, EDspired, has been collaborating with a PK-3 school to develop and implement a comprehensive teacher professional growth and evaluation process.  It is through this collaboration that I discovered and recommended implementing TeachBoost’s instructional leadership platform.

After an unexpected change in leadership during second semester, the assistant principals are now serving as interim principals and I am serving as their leadership coach.

My team had a key decision to make regarding evaluation: Pick up where the former school leader left off and continue the processes that were in place, or start with reminding the staff of the importance of the what, how, and why of teacher evaluations. This often allows for more ownership and understanding of the process.

Typically, we would start with the WHAT:

  • Implementing the teacher evaluation and growth process with fidelity

After that, we’d move on to the HOW:

  • Pre-observation document
  • Observation schedule
  • Post-observation conferences

And sometimes, we’d discuss the WHY:

  • Observations are important because they are the best way to offer contextualized, constructive, meaningful feedback rooted in the evidence of actual classroom practice.

Then I saw this quote on Twitter’s #tchat: “Great workplaces often share a sense of transparency and empowerment, they want employees to feel invested and informed.”  This sparked some new thinking on my part on how I can support the school leaders with their work.  I remember learning about Sinek’s Golden Circle, and realized, we must always start with why.golden-circle

To create change, we need to inspire the teachers.  In an effort to build relationships with staff, transparency is key.

So in this case, we started with the WHY.  As a leadership team, a few of the questions we discussed to really dissect the WHY were:

  • Why is the evaluation process important and how can we communicate this with the teachers?
  • Why will the teachers sometimes see more than one administrator in their rooms at the same time?
  • Why is it important for the school to have a common language when discussing teaching and learning?
  • Why will excellent teaching lead to higher achievement with students?

To create change, we need to inspire the teachers. In an effort to build relationships with staff, transparency is key.  It also happens to be one of TeachBoost’s core values, so using their tool introduced greater visibility and accountability into the observation and development process.

We are starting with the end in mind and expect to get more teachers to truly take ownership once they understand that the purpose of our professional growth and evaluation process is to ensure teacher quality and promote professional development. We want to move towards using this concept of the Golden Circle in everything we do to create positive change and inspire the staff.

We will get feedback from staff in the fall as to their perceptions and experiences of the process and how to make sure we get it right this time.  Stay tuned!



My First MOOC

I have heard this term very often in the recent months.  Every time it came up I needed to look it up to be reminded of what it meant!  I officially participated in my first MOOC a few weeks ago.

So, what is a MOOC you ask?

What's a MOOC?

I have a K-12 administrative license in Washington DC and needed to make sure that I had enough Continuing Education Units (CEU) to get re-certified.  I thought I was being proactive by saving all my certificates from my professional development courses in a folder on my computer.  “Renew Admin License” was on my to do list for weeks, even months before I actually stopped to figure out how many hours I earned and how many I still needed.  I created a spreadsheet to organize all my hours and GASP, I was little shy of my 200 hours. Additionally, the Office of the State Superintendent’s office requires that you submit your license renewal documentation 90 days in advance!  GASP again!  My timeline was getting shorter and shorter by the day.  To make the process more complicated, I then noticed that I needed an updated background check and fingerprints.  I knew I needed to take action on so many levels!

There are many sites that you can choose from when selecting a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).  I decided to enroll with Coursera and I signed up for a 5 week course called Coaching Teachers:  Making Changes that Stick, which was sponsored by Match Education. In my current role I have the privilege of coaching teacher leaders and administrators and I know Match has a very fine reputation, so I eagerly signed up.

I completed an online course many moons ago when I was in grad school and thought it was amazing back then that I could participate in class from my couch!  The old version of online courses or distance education was still very didactic to me compared to this MOOC.

What I really liked about this specific MOOC through Coursera was:

  • Commitment  – Approximately 2-4 hours  of work per week
  • Medium – There were videos to watch, an article to read after watching the videos, an opportunity to chat with hundreds or thousands of people taking the class and a quiz weekly. The videos were very helpful and made the reading really come to life.  There were multiple-choice questions posed visually while watching the videos to also check for understanding along the way.
  • Accessibility – I had the option to use a web browser from my laptop or download the app on my iPad. Additionally, I loved that I had the option of closed caption while watching the videos, as I sometimes need to read and watch at the same time (UDL principal of representation in action).
  • Application – The final week was about applying what I learned as well as completing a peer review of four other participant’s work and scoring using a rubric.

The information and resources from the course was so helpful and timely that I have referenced it to many people in my work following completion of the MOOC.  I am looking forward to finding another MOOC in the near future whether it is directly related to my work or something completely new that I want to learn more about.  I appreciate having access to high quality content how and when I want it.

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